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Food Ingredients

Libra Food Ingredients is a manufacturer of spices and functional additives for many branches of the food industry: meat, bakery, confectionery, fish, dairy. We are a Polish company – a proven business partner. Our production plants are located in Poland and the distribution network covers the whole world. We have modern R&D facilities and a machine park. In addition to the excellent quality of the products, we offer professional advice from our specialists at every stage of the project: from the idea through production to the store shelf.

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Food Ingredients Group consists of six companies that, working for companies from the food industry, support each other with their experience and know-how. Over the 21 years of its existence, FIG has grown into a major player in the food industry on the Polish and international market. The assortment and the work system of sales representatives and R&D departments have been designed so that the development of one of the companies drives the development of the others. We have been in the investment process for several years.

Food Ingredients Group

Food Ingredients Group consists of six companies

Flavours Factory
Custom Fiber
Flavour Creation

Flavour Creation

Operating on the food market for over two decades, we have perfectly understood the needs of our customers thanks to the fact that we study the needs of THEIR customers. Our knowledge and experience that we have accumulated over the years allows us to design products that fit into market trends and respond to consumer demand. They are the last link in the purchasing chain that constitute our reference. Although we work for food producers, we know that our work will only be well evaluated if it fits the consumer's taste! When creating products, we comprehensively think about technical issues related to production and its costs, consistency, flavour and aroma, shelf life, declarations on the label, access to raw materials and quality policy. We refer all of this to the study of regional, Polish consumer trends, and if necessary to global ones. Libra is part of the Food Ingredients Group, which also includes InterFiber – a producer of fibers, Flavours Factory – a producer of flavours and Lauta – a producer of carrageenans. Using the experience of all companies belonging to the Group, we can provide a complete offer and full synergy of all components and ingredients needed for the production of food products designed by our R&D department. By presenting our product, we give you a complete package – product design, calculation of production costs, recipes, quality research, and all the necessary components along with a guarantee of deliveries according to a fixed schedule. It is up to you to choose and plan the production!

R&D + Application Center

Our R&D department is a team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in creating flavours and designing food products. Based on their qualifications and research on consumer trends, they create their own solutions, surprising us with a multitude of solutions. They are also working on the technological problems and needs faced by food manufacturers. They create a "tailor-made" offer within the parameters - costs, ingredients, technology or flavours - set by the client. The solutions are tested in our application center, and after successfully passing internal tests, in the conditions of the customer's production line. All products and tests carried out on behalf of customers are subject to confidentiality clause.

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As a supplier to the food industry, Libra constantly cares about ensuring the highest quality of its products. Certified, thoroughly verified suppliers, strict inspection of components, herbs and spices, adherence to procedures on the production line and inspection of the product before sending to the customer. All subsequent stages of production remain under the strict supervision of the employees of the Quality Control Department. As a result, we are sure that every order leaving our warehouse meets the most stringent quality and safety standards applicable in food production plants.

Compliance with international standards by the entire Libra Polska production plant is confirmed by the BRC-8 certificate. Special quality, food or religious requirements are confirmed by separate certificates issued for individual products. Current Halal, Kosher, Bio certificates issued for products that meet strict requirements are attached to individual orders.

A large part of Libra's production is carried out in accordance with the special requirements of the recipients - for products with a "clean label," with low E additives content, allergen free or according to the customer's specification.

The Quality Control Department is our guarantee that all quality declarations we make to our customers are rigorously implemented by every Libra employee.