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Food Ingredients

Most businesses in the food industry face similar market challenges. Food products belong to FMCG category, what means that they are influenced by fast fashion, desires and compulsive buying.

On one hand, consumers are looking for innovations and are eager to reach for unknown products. On the other hand, they find most valuable traditional products, like those from the family home. In order to to satisfy these two opposing poles, food producers are constantly looking for new solutions, ideas and technologies.

For many years, Libra has been creating new products and improving traditional dishes for its valuable customers.

We take care of the daily tasks associated with market analysis, testing, meticulous improvements, and laboratory research. We provide ready-made solutions that have been tested in production environments. Each of our customers appreciates the value of their team's time and understands the importance of launching new formats that are compatible with their production capacity.

The measurable financial benefits and invaluable time savings are the biggest advantages our customers gain from the excellent quality of the products they can launch on the market. These benefits add value to their business and enable them to focus on other important tasks while we take care of the product development process.


We are working for many sectors of food market


Our know-how means solutions you won't find anywhere else.

Libra's R&D department develops unique solutions that meet our customers' market needs. These proposals include reduced E-numbers or clean labels, and utilize the unique properties of fibers or natural food flavors. We take pride in these innovative solutions, which simplify production and enhance the quality of your products. We invite you to explore our suggestions, get inspired, and discover how much you can achieve!



Peclomeat Smart One C is a multifunctional brine that can be used for both injection and immersion methods. It is suitable for a wide range of meat types and products, and can increase yield from 140% to 200%.

A flavour enhancing the natural tastiness of smoked meats

A flavour enhancing the natural tastiness of smoked meats

Fos Flavour is a flavour that enhances the natural taste of smoked meats. Ideal for products in which we want to minimise or eliminate the amount of used phosphates and citrates. It supports the growth of the finished product without adding E additives to the label.

Fiber mixes for fish-separated meat

Fiber mixes for fish-separated meat

Our carefully composed mixes of insoluble fibers are made from natural, E-number free ingredients. They stabilize and enable the processing and forming of fish raw material, which can be very delicate and rich in liquid fats.